Hello future fans and friends of the world!

It is late enough for my eyes to hurt and my brain to slur, yet it felt important to throw these first words into blogworld before completing my day. This is a multi-topic blog for people who are seekers of deeper truths, hunters for sacred meaning, avid life-junkies and love enthusiasts. It is for you who wish to bring joy and love to your everyday adventures, while being real and authentic. It is to you, who seek to lift the illusory veils of an empty existence to reveal the stark and magical reality behind, that I dedicate these words.

There is a section dedicated to the celebration, inspiration and empowerment of women and the great Feminine Spirit, so close to my heart. Relationships is another main area where I will endeavour to share experience and wisdom to assist you to manifest and maintain harmonious relationships, or perhaps make you laugh or cry just when you need it. As a thorough enjoyer of travelling as a connection with the heart and spirit of places I visit, I will share of my little and big adventures with you. And of course, I will also allow the spirit that flows to me to pour out words and voices from the silence, may they serve you and awaken the wellspring of truth within. Finally, I will share here about my novel, The Keys of Alchemy, which I am in the process of creating.

May our journey together be wonder-full and enlightening.

With Love,



About segoleneking

Life Coach and Transformation Mentor, author, presenter, wife and mother, staunch supporter of the great Feminine Spirit and travel enthusiast.

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